Alexandra 'Ali' Souris


What is your teaching philosophy?
I join The Academy at Penguin after ten years of teaching and coaching in the public, private, and residential educational arena.  My experience in varied educational environments has allowed me continued growth in finding a balance of rigor and innovation in my classroom. As an educator, my philosophy of education is intertwined with my philosophy of life; both intellectual and moral development are critical components of a happy life.  There are several essential skills that students must develop to become academically and socially capable individuals: the ability to communicate ideas clearly when speaking and writing, the ability to apply analytical and critical thinking skills when solving problems, the ability to acquire skills to enable them to appreciate culture and diversity, the ability to recognize and practice civic obligations, and lastly the ability to demonstrate interpersonal skills needed to work cooperatively.

What excites you about The Academy at Penguin Hall?
I am most excited about the implementation of our challenging program of study that is conducive to authentic learning and the exploration of Humanities.   By creating an educational community rooted in enthusiasm and energy, I hope to inspire students to THINK about the world in a new way.  Together students will engage in active learning. Ultimately students will acquire the knowledge and skills they need to become responsible citizens, to earn a living, and to lead purposeful, rewarding lives.

Share something unique about yourself.
My love of sports and fitness has allowed me to travel the country.  As a trained fitness coordinator, I spend the summer traveling the nation conducting fitness testing for law enforcement and military agencies.  As a track and field coach, my athletes have competed in the New Balance Indoor and Outdoor Nationals. Personally, I have completed two half marathons in Disney World in 2011 and 2013.  I will be returning to Orlando in November 2016 to compete in the Disney 10k road race.

Ali Souris is a graduate of Salem State College where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in History and Educational Studies.  She is currently working towards her Masters of Education at Salem State University.