Bonnie Block

World Languages, Spanish

What’s your teaching philosophy?
I believe in being student-centered and standards-based, which means that the curricula and pedagogy are based on the needs of the students, well-researched standards, and Best Practices. I also believe that all children have the right to an excellent education, so I believe that students should constantly be challenged to think, perform and produce at high levels of analysis, synthesis and creativity.

What excites you about The Academy at Penguin Hall?
I am excited to be part of a school whose purpose is teaching and learning in a way that is individual and meaningful to each young lady. It will be fascinating to work with these students and to see and guide them in directions that help them to reach their potentials and become the persons that they want to be. In facilitating their development, I think I will learn as much as they do!

Share something unique about yourself.
I lived in South Korea for three years where I taught Spanish to native Korean students.

Bonnie Block has a BA in Spanish from University of Texas at Arlington, an MS in Intercultural Communications from University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, and lifetime Texas Teacher certification in Spanish, English and ESL.