Doug Healy

Douglas Healy


What’s your teaching philosophy?
I think the most important part of my job is to help people love what we’re studying. Because history isn’t a dry, dead thing in a textbook; it’s running around yelling on TV, in the streets and people’s houses, arguing about and whether or not we’re going to be free and equal or oppressed and segregated. The point isn’t to find the answers to someone else’s questions, but figure out our own questions.

What excites you about The Academy at Penguin Hall?
I’ve always wanted to help start a school where everyone – students and adults – would be thrilled to try new ideas and ways of teaching learning, where we’re playing with ideas and trying together to understand the world in new ways, not just enduring worksheets.

Share something unique about yourself.
I grew up in the town that inspired The Stepford Wives, and where it was written. And once my wife and I walked across a whole country, for fun. And it wasn’t Lichtenstein. Or Andorra.

Doug Healy received his M.S. in Education from Harvard Graduate School and his B.A in History from the University of Connecticut.