Julia Gross

World Languages, French

What’s your teaching philosophy?
I believe personal expression in another language to be an exciting and empowering adventure. To interact in another language provides concrete opportunities to communicate in a larger world community, and to expand our sense of global citizenship. Simultaneously, developing proficiency in another language increases self-confidence through self-expression, cultural interaction, and thoughtful reflection.

Students learn another language through personal expression and personal creativity based on their own experiences. Risk- taking, although not always comfortable, is an integral part of leaning something so “foreign” as another language. Therefore, a caring learning environment based on mutual respect and understanding is the essential component of our classroom experience. While standards may be high, they are always tempered with humor, a sense of fun, and the opportunity to try yet again.

What excites you about The Academy at Penguin Hall?
The founding principles of The Academy will enable students to reach their full potential: to teach young women to think and to express themselves creatively and critically, to help young women to discover themselves and to experience their world in new ways, to support young women to care for themselves and others-; I am excited to be part of an effort that looks towards a balance of scholarship, citizenship, and well-being.

Share something unique about yourself.
I lived in Southern France for many years and still enjoy visiting family and friends in Provence,“ le pays de cocagne”.

Julia has her MAT in French Literature and Education from Tufts University, Medford, MA. She has her BA in French Literature and Aesthetics from Schiller University, Paris, France.