Why an All Girls Education?

Like it or not, society, be it in the boardroom or the classroom, calls on men first and interrupt them less. Women in the workforce face this reality on a daily basis. It is time we demand more for our daughters.  At The Academy at Penguin Hall girls are always called on first and are given the room to explore their potential. This type of empowering experience is the first line of defense against the unrealistic depictions of women by the media.

The Department of Education has reported that single gender education for girls yields superior academic accomplishment, superior socio-emotional development, improved test scores and better long term indicators for success, as compared with coed schooling.

  • 13% of girls’ school graduates major in math, science and technology in college while only 2% of those from co-ed schools.
  • Girls who attend a girls’ school are more than twice as likely to earn a doctoral degree.
  • Nearly 80% of girls’ school graduates played competitive sports during high school.
  • 80% of girls from girls’ schools hold leadership positions after high school.
  • Girls in single-gender schools score, on average, 15-22% higher on standardized tests than their co-ed counterparts.
  • 90% of girls’ schools graduates report belonging to a community organization such as charitable, civic or educational group or arts association.