Chloe Wilwerding

Fine Arts
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How does the APH teaching philosophy look in your classroom?

I measure the effectiveness of my instruction by the possibilities it creates. My teaching and feedback should be generative. My instruction is not intended to provide answers; instead, I view making as a way to frame questions. Whether or not students pursue art or design after high school, this promotion of reflection and questioning can be transformative for how they think, communicate their ideas, and respond to the visual culture around them.  

By embracing the value of process-based learning and making, I encourage students to question their assumptions, take ownership of their work, and contextualize their art within their academic experiences and communities. I value the process of making as much as the product, allowing students to take risks and experiment with both technical skills and new ideas. I also acknowledge that learning extends outside of the studio. I aim to contextualize students’ experiences in my classes in the broader scope of their education and communities. By creating connections within our campus and community, students are asked to consider what they want to communicate through their art and how their work contributes to or disrupts contemporary conversations—both in art and society more generally. 

What excites you about The Academy at Penguin Hall?

I am excited about working in an all-girls environment. I attended an all-girls high school and am grateful to have been part of this supportive and caring community of young women. I see the same energy at APH and am thrilled to be able to support another generation of young women as they find their voices and support each other. 

I am also excited about APH’s focus on spirituality in all of its forms. I hope to support students as they develop rich inner lives. I believe that this self-awareness and reflectiveness encouraged at APH will also allow students to make heartfelt art. I am eager to see what students create! 

Share something interesting about yourself.

I used to write textbooks. When I first graduated from college, I worked as a curriculum developer for international schools. I wrote textbooks and lesson plans for primary schools in Uganda and Liberia. When I want to be a know-it-all, I like saying, “I literally wrote the book on that.” 

Chloe has a BA in Studio Art and Political Science from Middlebury College and an MFA in Printmaking from Rhode Island School of Design.