Katherine Horgan


What is your teaching philosophy?

I believe that education should be encyclopedic (in Greek, literally “to teach in a circle”). All students of the humanities begin at the beginning, not knowing where or who they are. Through their education, they take the long way around, exploring all disciplines, and upon returning to their initial position, know the place, and themselves, for the first time. The teacher functions as guide, exposing the student to new material that challenges her convictions, and instructing her as she seeks to form her own assessment of the world around her.

What excites you about The Academy at Penguin Hall?

The Academy’s emphasis on a thorough and rigorous education in the humanities very exciting. In a world where the humanities are increasingly undervalued, APH’s commitment to exposing its students to a wide variety of literature, history, and art encourages critical reading, critical thinking, and clear communication–skills crucial to any student in all of their present and future endeavors.

Share something interesting about yourself.

I can read Greek and play the French horn, though not at the same time.

Katherine has a B.A. in English, a B.Mus. in French Horn, and an M.A. in English from McGill University in Montreal, Canada.