Thai Small

Restorative Justice & DEI Coordinator, Director of Student Life
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Thai Small joins The Academy at Penguin Hall after working in the Boston Public Schools for the past ten years. Thai’s passion is building relationships, creating meaningful connections and events with students, faculty, and parents while celebrating a diverse community with different points of view. They are an experienced Restorative Justice and Transformative Justice facilitator and trainer. They have experience in leading in Indigenous and spiritual building, healing, and mediation circles.  
In each of their previous roles, most recently at Charlestown High School, they have supported students as the mediator and liaison between them, their parents/guardians, school personnel, and wider community and state organizations to understand and overcome obstacles affecting their social/emotional, educational, professional and long-term achievement. They’ve developed structured systems and programming; and led an environment of community building and engagement, self-awareness, critical consciousness, social justice, community organizing and activism, and restorative justice and spiritual healing circles. 
Thai has created curriculum and events around critical consciousness learning and thinking social-emotional learning, racial and social justice, and growth and wellness for youth; developed successful GSA and talk therapy groups for LGBTQIA+ youth and girl empowerment groups.
Thai is certified in Restorative Justice through The Center for Restorative Justice at Suffolk University. They have trained staff and students at Harvard University’s Phillip Brooks House programs in Restorative Justice and Circles