5 Tips for Hybrid Learning

By Isabelle Grenier ‘22

Everyone can agree that hybrid learning is hard, but here are some tips to help you with our new normal!

1.Get Organized

Now with hybrid learning, being organized is more important than ever.  Before, if you left a textbook in your locker you were stuck for that night’s homework, now you are left without a textbook for the whole week. You want to double check to make sure you have everything  you may need for the next week before leaving on Friday.  Ask teachers what you will need for the upcoming  week and remember that it is better to have more than not have enough.  

2.  Create a Workspace

As tempting as it sounds, you shouldn’t Zoom from your bed.  This weekend, create a workspace for yourself.  This doesn’t need to be some $300 dollar project that takes you 10 hours to finish.  It just needs to be usable and private.  Find a small table and chair laying around or  get one cheap from a local thrift store.  Make sure you have a bin to store all your school books and keep supplies close to you.  Put this in a corner of your room with good lighting.  

3.  Get Up and Move

It is hard to stay sitting the whole day during virtual learning but it doesn’t have to be that way.  Use the five-minute breaks as a time to get up and move around.  This will help you focus in your next class and help with fidgeting in your seat.  Some fun brain break ideas are jumping jacks, stretching, dancing to your favorite song, or pacing around your house/room.

4. Create Privacy and Boundaries

How are you supposed to succeed online if every hour you have a sibling or parent talking to you? … A cat climbing on you, a dog playing catch with you, or a little sibling crying?  You can’t.  Think of your workspace as your school.  Don’t allow pets, siblings, or parents in your space during school.  Ask your parents, “Is this question important enough to warrant a phone call if I were at school? If not, please ask later.” 

5. Dress for Success

Everyone can agree that one of the pluses of virtual learning is not having to get up early to get ready for school, but that doesn’t mean you should be Zooming  in your PJs.  Give yourself at least 30 minutes before class to get ready for the day.  You want to wear something comfortable but something you’re okay with wearing in public.