The Academy at Penguin Hall Annual Fund

A calling to transform the lives of young women

In 2015, the founders experienced a calling to establish The Academy at Penguin Hall to provide a unique educational opportunity for young women previously unavailable in the area. The vision was that young women, in a single gender environment, would not be constrained by social norms, or themselves. Penguin Hall would provide  distinct advantages that would allow each student to reach her individual potential, to go on to live lives of purpose and change the world for good. Thus was born The Mission: to educate, enlighten and empower young women to lead and live exemplary lives.

Philanthropy is the force that propels Penguin Hall forward

Penguin Hall was launched with the generosity of the founding families and friends who provided both time, talent and treasure. The continued success and strength of Penguin Hall depends on the generosity of our growing community of families and friends. As with most independent schools, tuition alone does not cover the full cost of educating each student. Being a young, growing institution without a deep alumnae base, APH relies heavily on the generous support from our families and friends to bridge the gap and maintain a comparatively moderate tuition rate. Funds are used to supplement tuition for all areas of the school’s operations including academic and co-curricular programs, performing and fine arts, athletics, faculty and staff, and financial aid.

With your help, we will guarantee and shape the future success of APH

Please join us today to make an impact that transforms lives and shapes the world for good. Every donation makes a difference. Your gift, whatever size, can inspire others and contribute to our collective impact.