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Transformations on Canvas
Written by Alexis Emerson, Kiera Hogan, Katie Hoskyns & Julia Valenzola In Latin IV, students have spent this semester reading stories from Ovid’s Metamorphoses that deal with transformations in mythology that silence women. This topic was inspired by our schoolwide...
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A Standing Ovation for Twelfth Night
Written By Molly Tittemore  This fall, APH students braved the literary world of William Shakespeare and put on  a production of his beloved, comedic play, Twelfth Night. The production started off  on an intriguing note, complete with ominous, anxiety-riddled music....
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Women in STEM
Last Thursday, Ms. Cook and Ms. Rangel invited a team of young engineers to share their college and work experiences with the APH community. Our guests were Samantha Eaton, a Structural Engineer at edm, Alex Moore, a Mechanical/Aerospace engineer with...
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APH Women in Leadership Speaker Series: Vanessa Farino
As part of APH’s Women in Leadership Speaker Series, last week entrepreneur Vanessa Farino visited to give us insight into her illustrious career as a businesswoman. From the outset, Ms. Farino made it clear that the business world isn’t always...
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Penguin Post Hosts Open Poetry Competition
The Penguin Post recently hosted an open poetry competition. Students were encouraged to write poems on the subject of their choosing and in any form. We asked Dr. Adrienne Raphel, poet, author, Princeton writing instructor and friend of Dr. Trout to...
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Tension Table and Structural Design
This past semester, the students put their understanding of the fundamental engineering principles to use in their creation of a tension table - a table with no solid legs supported by the tension of chains. From planning the design, to...
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7 Ways to Visit Colleges Over Break
Traveling this Spring Break?  Staying in the area? Whatever you choose to do, this maybe the perfect time to visit a college either locally or on your travels. Here are 7 ways to visit colleges over break!
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Penguin Hall Launches New 5-Day Boarding Program
Girls in grades 9-12 now have the opportunity to experience a brand new 5-day boarding program at The Academy at Penguin Hall. Whether local or out-of-state, students will have the opportunity to live independently while actively participating in an intentional...
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Students Commemorate the History and Ripple Effects of Racial Slavery
For their culminating project, Dr. Kimberley invited students to create memorials that commemorate the history of racial slavery. She tasked students with understanding the concept of historical memory; exploring the complex decision making processes behind designing a memorial; examining the...
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