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Penguin Hall Launches New 5-Day Boarding Program
Girls in grades 9-12 now have the opportunity to experience a brand new 5-day boarding program at The Academy at Penguin Hall. Whether local or out-of-state, students will have the opportunity to live independently while actively participating in an intentional...
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Students Commemorate the History and Ripple Effects of Racial Slavery
For their culminating project, Dr. Kimberley invited students to create memorials that commemorate the history of racial slavery. She tasked students with understanding the concept of historical memory; exploring the complex decision making processes behind designing a memorial; examining the...
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An Interview with Hollywood Screenwriter, Olivia Krebs
It is a crisp, breezy Saturday afternoon in October in Greenwich, a small, eerily quiet Connecticut town. My interviewee, Ms. Olivia Krebs, and I, are brought together by both the circumstance of a family reunion and our mutual affinity for...
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Krav Maga: New Self-Defense Course at APH
At Penguin Hall, students have the experience of pushing themselves past their perceived limitations. They learn that what they thought was a limit does not apply to them. This learning opportunity is part of Athletics at APH. The self-defense course,...
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APH Students Visit the Edward M. Kennedy Institute
On Tuesday, November 16, Dr. Kimberley and Mr. McLean's Civics class took a field trip to the Edward M. Kennedy Institute in Boston! Anna B. '22, Natalie B. '22, and Mackenzie F. '22 attended the field trip and shared their...
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