Krav Maga: New Self-Defense Course at APH

At Penguin Hall, students have the experience of pushing themselves past their perceived limitations. They learn that what they thought was a limit does not apply to them. This learning opportunity is part of Athletics at APH. Each student has the option of playing a range of sports from soccer and lacrosse to mountain-biking and cheerleading. With any sport, athletes learn to react to unexpected situations which will define how they progress through life’s unexpected moments.

Our mission is to ensure our students are well-prepared for anything, not only inside the classroom, but for all aspects of life. When APH Athletic Director, Adam Moss, introduced a new self-defense course this season, it was the perfect opportunity for students to learn how to protect themselves as well as practice physical fitness. While scary to think, it’s important to be trained in the techniques necessary to defend oneself, no matter where they go. The self-defense course, known as Krav Maga, gives our students the confidence and skills to ensure their own safety.

Krav Maga in Hebrew means “Contact Combat.” It is a military self-defense fighting system originally developed for the Israeli military. In Israel, it is mandatory for all citizens over the age of 18 to serve. With that, there needed to be a fighting system that could be taught and utilized by anyone regardless of physical strength, age and/or gender. Krav Maga, like most martial arts, encourages the avoidance of physical confrontation. If this is not possible or safe, it teaches finishing a physical conflict as quickly and as aggressively as possible using the most effective techniques from several other fighting styles including Muay Thai (Thai Boxing), Brazilian JiuJitsu, wrestling, traditional boxing, Karate and Judo.

APH’s Krav Maga classes are taught by Coach Adam Moss, who is currently a certified Krav Maga Instructor and is teaching classes out of Roshankish Krav Maga in Medford MA. Coach Adam is a practicing brown/black level (one belt away from black) and has been training for over 5 years.

The classes are taught traditionally, starting with a warm-up and short workout. This can be done at the students’ pace and most exercises can be modified based on students’ ability levels. Several techniques that are taught include striking, blocking choke-holds (offensive and defensive), weapon defense (these are specifically designed training weapons and are made of either plastic or rubber), and ground defense.

Our Krav Maga class runs through the Winter sports season.