Welcome to The Academy at Penguin Hall!

Molly Martins

Our daughters deserve the best education available. This truth is a driving force behind everything we do at The Academy at Penguin Hall (APH). Too often, girls’ strengths in the classroom are overshadowed, ignored, or untapped. We designed a school where all girls can be seen, heard, and challenged — especially those who often go unnoticed in other environments.

At APH, students thrive by engaging with a rigorous curriculum and a supportive community that meets them where they are and emboldens them to excel in their academic and personal goals. Faculty and staff unite around our shared mission to educate, enlighten and empower young women to live and to lead exemplary lives. Each day, we work together and with intention to build and nurture a culture of kindness and inclusion.

Our academic approach focuses on student-centered and interdisciplinary learning that prepares our students to blaze their own trails in college and in life. In and out of the classroom, our young women are given the support and guidance they need to take more intellectual risks and discover how their thoughts, voices, and actions can and will impact the world.

From over 45 communities in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, our vibrant and inclusive community of students and teachers is the heart of our school. We invite you to visit us and experience what makes The Academy at Penguin Hall such a unique place to learn, grow, and thrive.

Molly Martins