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As the only all-girls secondary school located north of Boston, Penguin Hall provides a unique and empowering environment for young women to thrive. Our students are given a platform to be seen, heard, challenged, and supported in both their academic and extracurricular endeavors, preparing them to confidently blaze their own trails in college and beyond.

At Penguin Hall, we foster a “culture of kindness” that permeates every aspect of our students’ experience. They build meaningful and lasting relationships with our faculty, staff, and classmates, and are encouraged to think critically and be motivated in their pursuits. It is truly inspiring to see the impact that an all-girls learning environment can have on the development of young women.

The best way to learn about The Academy is to experience it! I welcome you to join us for a campus visit to learn more.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The Academy at Penguin Hall is a place where girls come to excel as scholars, gain new valuable life experiences, and ultimately blaze their own unique trail in life. Our mission is to educate, enlighten and empower young women to live and to lead exemplary lives.

Girls’ schools create a culture of achievement where a girl’s accomplishments are what matters,” explains the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools in a summary of its recent survey of young alumnae from member schools. Support for single-gender education is backed by data. The Higher Education Research Institute has reported that single-gender education for girls yields superior academic accomplishment, superior socio-emotional development, improved test scores and better long term indicators for success, as compared with co-ed schooling.

The APH school day begins at 8 a.m. and ends at 2:40 p.m. Twice weekly, the entire APH community meets in our assembly space for a 15-minute student-led community and reflection time. It is a time to see all classmates and faculty, share the schedule of activities and announcements, and listen to a reflection for the day. The school day includes classes, clubs, advisory, and sports.

APH offers van services that transport students to and from the school. Vans are available from locations in Newburyport, Gloucester, Burlington, Andover and Marblehead.  The vans arrive at school in time for the 8:00 start and leave from APH at 5 p.m., allowing students to participate in after-school clubs, sports, request extra support from teachers, or work on homework with classmates.

The Academy at Penguin Hall believes that an independent school should be available to all qualified students in spite of their ability to pay.  Families may apply for financial aid to help make enrollment possible. Penguin Hall also offers a number of scholarships to both early admissions and priority decision candidates.

Penguin hall is a member of  the New England Preparatory School Athletic Council (NEPSAC). Find a full list of sports on our Athletics Page. APH also offers a wide array of student-driven clubs and affinity groups, all of which are given dedicated time during the school day based on our A/B Block Schedule.

Important Dates:

We are currently accepting Applications for the upcoming Academic Year.

August 1, 2023: The Standard Application Online (SAO) opens for the 2024-2025 school year.

September 1, 2023: The Academy at Penguin Hall’s online application opens for 2024-2025 school year.

Fall 2023 Admissions Visit Options: 

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November 1, 2023: FACTS application for tuition assistance opens for the upcoming school year.

November 15, 2023: Early Admission Applications Due

Early Admissions Applications and Financial Aid Applications Due. Only early applicants are automatically considered for one of six scholarships applied to tuition.

December 15, 2023: Early Applicant Decision Notification
Penguin Hall Scholarships Announced.

December 31, 2023: Early Deposits and Family Decision Due

January 15, 2024: Priority Application Due

February 18, 2024: Priority Applicant Decision Notification

March 31, 2024: Priority Deposits and Family Decision Due

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