The Academy at Penguin Hall provides a highly individualized, student-centered, diverse and challenging educational experience. Every programmatic decision is based on current research and experience about how girls learn, develop and thrive. Our curriculum is highly integrated and steeped in the experiential so that girls develop the confidence to become drivers of their own learning.  This approach enables comprehensive study through the integration of meaningful student research, collaboration, community partners, and life-changing service learning. An interdisciplinary approach to learning invigorates the educational environment, energizes the curriculum with a real-world relevance, and sparks students’ desire to explore, investigate, and understand the world. The Academy’s approach prepares students not only for college but life beyond academic walls.

One overarching goal of the academic program is for students to hone strong critical thinking skills and an appreciation for the value of an intellectual life. An APH education teaches students to make sound and reasoned decisions in their academic, professional, and personal lives. The Academy at Penguin Hall’s program ensures that girls have time to process and reflect, develop strong social connections, and discover passions outside the academic arena. We do not believe rigor and balance are mutually exclusive.

Our graduates are prepared to actively engage in the field of their choice. Upon graduation, they have a clear understanding of who they are as learners, thinkers and as individuals.  Our students are critical thinkers, creative problem-solvers, effective communicators and meaningful collaborators.