College Counseling

Penguin Hall’s four-year College Counseling Curriculum supports students in showcasing their achievements, following their passions, navigating the search and application process, and choosing the best postsecondary fit.

Our students meet with our experienced College Counselor throughout their four years at The Academy at Penguin Hall. Students receive individualized advice throughout the college process as well as engaging in meaningful conversations and activities to help them discover who they are as learners. This process facilitates students identifying different post secondary pathways that are the best fit for their interests and abilities, and to prepare them for demonstrating their gifts and talents in the application process.

College admissions officers from around the country visit the APH campus every fall to meet with juniors and seniors and to provide information about their schools. In addition, our Director of College Counseling visits college campuses, and attends college admissions events in order to stay current with trends in college admissions.

APH is a member of the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) and subscribes to NACAC’s Students’ Rights and Responsibilities statement. APH is also a member of the New England Association for College Admission Counseling (NEACAC) and Association of College Counselors in Independent Schools (ACCIS).

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College Counseling Program

At The Academy at Penguin Hall there are no best colleges and universities;
only, pathways, colleges and universities that are the best fit for each individual young woman.

High school is often the first time that young people are asked to pause and proactively think about and answer some tough questions like,”who are you and what do you want for yourself and future.” For many students, the college application process is also their first time learning about how to handle rejection, how to self-advocate to parents and other authority figures, and how to be independent. By the time they make a commitment to a college, it’s our goal that students be able to comfortably and confidently answer these questions and have started developing these important life skills.

All students will meet with our experienced Director of College Counseling throughout all four years at The Academy at Penguin Hall. They receive individualized advice on extracurricular involvement, as well as opportunities to engage in meaningful activities that further their understanding of themselves as students, learners, and young adults. This process underscores our efforts to help students find colleges and universities that are the best match for their interests and abilities. The College Counseling journey is an opportunity for personal growth and self-reflection, as students address who they are, what they want from life, and how to represent themselves to others.


  • overview of the college admissions process, what to expect and how to make the most of their first year at APH.


  • October: Take the PSAT.


  • Conduct a mock application review process as a formal introduction to the college application process.


  • Individual meeting to discuss maximizing opportunities of summer plans.

Recent Acceptances

For more information about our College Counseling Program, please contact our College Counselor Samantha Ferrari

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