Donor Recognition

The Founder’s Society

The Academy at Penguin Hall extends its heartfelt gratitude to the individuals and families who have been instrumental in bringing The Academy to life. The Academy at Penguin Hall wishes to honor its highest-level donors, recognizing their impactful contributions through engagement, leadership, and generosity. Their unwavering support is the cornerstone of empowering young women through education at APH. Their commitment ensures that the doors of opportunity remain wide open for countless young women, both present and future.

Geraldine Atkins

Paulette and George Balich GP26

PJ and Peter Binda

Mary and Peter Brady

Katie and John Corcoran

Priscilla and John Coughlin

Frank Gfatter

Laurie and Scott Hylton P24

The Lucey Family

Russell Lyon

The Martins Family

James X Mullen

Anita and Bruce Potter

Nina and Patrick Wilson

All In For APH

With profound appreciation, we celebrate the many individuals, families, and friends of The Academy whose generous donations play an instrumental role in shaping the bright futures of young women. Your support will help ensure that the opportunity of an APH education remains a possibility for generations to come.

George & Abigail Albrecht
Thomas & Jane Alexander
Suleima Alverez
Lyn Arcari
Felicia Astorino
John and Elizabeth Atkins
Bryant and Ericka Ayles
Alma Barozzi
Wayne and Kristin Barrows
Kathy Baynes
Brandon and Beth Bergstrom
Jennifer Billings
Paul and Suzanne Biscaia
Bonnie Block
George and Margot Bloom
Patrick & Gretchen Borzi
Bob and Joanne Brennan
Robert and Tana Brennan
Michael and Mary Ann Bresnan
Sara Brockway
David and Jill Buchanan
Bill and Dawn Buck
Scott and Heather Burke
Emilie Cademartori
Keri Cahill
Julie Calzini
Andrew and Melissa Caplan
Holly Carney
Michael Carotenuto
The Carroll Family
Nicole Cervantes
Phillip and Tracey Chait
Jeff Chelgren
Stephen Clark
Damian and Maureen Comito
Matthew and Catie Como
Ann Conway
Sherrill Cook
The Crowley Family
Maria Cruz
Mark and Kristen D’Andrea
Lisa Davis
Sallie Belle Davis
David Dearborn
Christine Doherty
Christopher and Michelle Duffy
Val Dumais
Patrick Durgin
Karen Duval
Linda Eberth
Laura Ettenberg
Lesley Erricola
Monica Faiella
John Fallon
Ivette Fernandez
Judith Fokum
Tom and Heather Ford
Kathy Forsythe
Hollis and Rosemary French
Dennis & Elizabeth Fringuelli
The Fuller Family
Kathryn Fuller
Lila Gardella
Kevin and Christina Geaney
Christopher and Charlotte Gibson
Richard Gilberg
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Golden

John and Erika Goldsborough Turner
Dante and Judy Gordon
Trisha Gordon
Craig Gorton
Nathaniel & Joan Gorton
Edith Gregory
Ellen D. Grenier
Riley Griffin
Suzanne Griffin
Julia Gross
Sara Guido
Dianne Hagen
Daniel and Doris Hasbun de Hawthorne
Marc and Heather Hazel
Janice Healy
Robert Heath
Gary and Nicole Autilio Hills
The Hogan Family
William and Lynne Holton
Thomas D’Amario and Heidi Hood
Priscilla Witt Hood
Mark Iantosca
Jose and Allison Juves
Bryan Juwa
Jeffrey and Melanie Kaplan
Hannah Kappler
Krisitn Keenan
Leslie Kerzner
Edward and Alice Riley King
Jamie King
The Koumarianos Family
Donald E. Kowalski
Nerissa Kreher
Mary Ann Lauro
James and Eileen Leahy
Kenneth and Kerrianne Leonard
Michael and Christine Levoshko
Kevin and Krisitn Loucks
Sara Loud
Joan Lovejoy
Fiona and Geoffrey Lubbocks
Jesser and Melgie Mantilla
Guy & Leslie Marchesseault
James and Stephanie Mark
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Marsh
Edward B. Marsh Jr.
Marilyn and Wilkinson Marvel
Filipo and Marguerite Mastrocola
Daniel and Jennifer Mayer
Carl and Jill McFadden
Henriette McNiff
John Menslage
Alice Michel
Scott Moore
Pablo Muchnik
Robert and Elizabeth Murphy
Patricia Murphy
Stephen and Sherri Murray
Michele Mynsberge
Jim Siener and Carol Naczas
Chris and Sharon Nash
Donald Nelson DMD
Tan Nguyen, DDS
Doug & Sandra O’Brien
Katherine Pasti
Ellen and Bernard Peter
Steve Picciano

Nicholas and Lindsay Pollard
Peter S. Prichard
Robert Prince
Mark and Carrie Pykett
Daniel and Denise Quintiliani
Katherine Reardon
Kathryn Reynolds
Robina Riccitiello
Mary Richards
Lydia Richardson
Francisco and Patricia Rietti
Shawn and Patricia Riley
Robyn Riley
Thomas Riley
Annette Ritchie
Emma Roberts
Dale and Kimberly Rochford
Verdun Thaemert and Victoria Rolf
Cielo Salazar
Stephen and Laura Savio
Kathy Schweitezer
Todd Sewards
Peter and Kristin Shane
Binkley and Paula Shorts
Erik and Debbie Slivka
Thomas and Christine Sohegian
Ali Souris
David Bojarczuk and Dante Spetter
Dianne Stephan
Ben and Adrienne Stinson
Martha Stuckey Stuckey
Paul Sumner
Matthew & Michele Tittemore
Heather & Drew Tripp
The Trzcinski Family
Dean & Sarah Tsouvalas
David and Ellen Ulfelder
David and Laura Valzania
Mary Wakeham
Eric & Kellie Walgreen
Lindsay Wallin
John and Suzanne Ward
Robert Weiss
Joseph Welch
Scott and Jennifer Weston
Bryon Williams
Dana and Kerry Willis
Jane Wolbach
Arnold and Anne Wood
The Wood Family
Willa Worsfold
Glen and Dale Yale
Anastasia Zink
Martha Zoubek
Mary Zwiercan
Bennett and Company
The Boston Foundation
Bright Funds Foundation
Brookline Bank
Cape Ann Copper Company
Edward Jones
Hamilton Wenham Rotary
O’Connor Studios
Orthodontics of the North Shore
The Pequot Charitable Foundation
Walterlacey, LLC
Women’s Fund – Donation