Latin Students Attend MassJLC

Written by Sam Jamison ’25 and Molly Tittemore ’25

Last Friday, several Latin students went to the yearly MassJCL (Massachusetts Junior Classical League) Convention. On Friday night they checked into the hotel and went to a group dinner, then on a walk to Plymouth Rock and the Mayflower. The weather was beautiful for a walk around. They finished off the night by taking academic tests in preparation for Convention the next day.

2023 marked the first time our newly formed JCL chapter went to the Massachusetts State Convention. However, just because they were newcomers, did not mean that they were inexperienced. In fact, many of our Latin students had some major successes at the convention!

They had many students participate in some exciting contests! Masha Gilberg ‘25 and Molly Tittemore ‘25 tied for fifth place in their Sight Latin Competition! Both students were given a passage and a few minutes to prepare/translate it. Afterwards, they had to read it with inflection, meaning, and proper pronunciation to a panel of judges. We also had success in the Impromptu Art Category. The theme was sea and sky. Students had the opportunity to create whatever art they wanted with the materials given to them in the span of one hour. Mazie Heath ‘25 came in first place for the wonderful paper boat that she created. APH dominated the category with Sam Jamison ‘25 coming in second, and Tara Dawley ‘25 coming in fourth.

Student achievements were made in the individual and academic testing categories. Sam Jamison ‘25 won a silver medal for her individual artistic achievements, and a first place ribbon for her original spider-themed sweater. Masha Gilberg ‘25 won fourth place for the Latin II mythology test. Sam Jamison ‘25 won fifth place on the Pentathlon academic test, covering

various topics of classical studies, and fourth place on the “PMAQ” academic test (phrases, mottoes, abbreviations and quotes.) Tara Dawley ’25 received fourth place for the Greek 3 Civilization test. Molly Tittemore ‘25 received fourth place for the Latin II derivatives test, as well as fifth place for the Latin II Roman Life test. Alea Jalal ‘24 and Sam Jamison ‘25 received third place for the digital scrapbook they submitted on behalf of our chapter.

Besides their wonderful accomplishments, students had fun socializing with their fellow Classics’ obsessives and by showing their school spirit at the Starry Night Toga Parade. Students partook in the Penguin Cheer and held signs with humorous Latin-themed memes on them, courtesy of the aphlatin instagram account. APH ended up taking the 8th place ribbon home for their school placing at the convention overall.

MassJCL’s 2023 Convention was a time of great fun, academia, and joy all around! The students look forward to attending next year’s convention