6 Tips for Students Doing Distance Learning

Here are 6 tips for students who are participating in distance learning.

While students in New England know a thing or two about snow days, adapting to life outside of school during the COVID-19 pandemic has been unlike anything most students have experienced before. Keeping a routine is one of the most important lessons that students at The Academy at Penguin Hall have learned, as they’ve adapted to distance learning. “It has been important for me to stick to the routine of getting up, making my tea, feeding my dogs, and feeding myself before school,” shares MaryGrace K. ‘23.

Whether you’re participating in remote classes with your school or completing work at your own pace, here are 6 tips for any student doing distance learning.

1 – Create an area dedicated to studying.

Where you study is important. It should be quiet, with good light to read by. You want enough room to spread out your books and notes. A table or desk works well. Be comfortable, but not too comfortable. Joining an online class from bed may be tempting, but it’s important for your brain’s rhythms to study and learn somewhere other than where you sleep. Even a beanbag or pillows on the floor is a better choice than your bed.

2 – Get dressed for school.

Even though classes are online, step out of those pajamas or other loungewear and into your normal, everyday wear for classes. Just as you would on any other school day, the act of getting ready for the day will help you feel more alert and present.

3 – Give yourself a break from social media.

Put your phone away. Turn off the television. These things pull you away from what you are trying to learn. It’s also okay to tell the people you live with that you are studying and need time alone to work.

4 – Take scheduled breaks.

Treat yourself to a 10-15 minute break between classes. Get up, step away from your workstation, and move your body. Go outside for a few minutes and get some fresh air, just remember to keep your distance from others.

5 – Eat Healthy Snacks and Meals 

Foods like nuts, seeds, yogurt, berries and fish help keep your mind sharp and body strong. Sugar may be appealing — especially chocolate — but too much sugar will give you an energy “crash.” And, don’t forget to drink plenty of water. Bonus Tip: Avoid eating during your classes, as it can be distracting to others. Utilize your break times for snacks.

6 – Give Gratitude and Think Positive Thoughts!

At the start or end of the day, write down three things for which you’re grateful, or something you might have taken for granted in the past. Know that your teachers want to support you in the best way that they can, even from a distance. And, like Molly O.’21, you might even discover something new about yourself: “This week I have discovered how much of an extrovert I actually am! I have struggled with less social interaction and structure, but I am trying to make some new routines for myself. And after talking with other friends who aren’t doing online classes, I have realized that they are a good thing because they are giving me some structure and purpose in my day”. 

Start practicing the above and we can almost guarantee a more positive learning experience outside of the classroom!

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