A Celebration of the Arts: APH Hosts Its Spring Arts Festival

In the days leading up to the Spring Arts Festival, the energy and excitement on APH’s campus was electric and contagious. In years past, the sights, decorations and sounds of students rehearsing are a familiar sign of another school year coming to an end. But this year, they are a reminder on how far we have come–a call for gratitude.

On Friday, May 21, the South Lawn transformed into an oasis for the arts. Weeks of preparation included building a stage complete with lights, curtains and microphones for the three-act extravaganza. Our tent housed carefully curated artworks created by students. Early Friday evening, the sun began to slip into golden hour and filled the campus with its glow–a spotlight on what would be Penguin Hall’s first spring production in a year.

The purpose of the Spring Arts Festival was to celebrate all the arts at Penguin Hall. At APH, students are encouraged to express themselves through the arts, to develop their imagination and curiosity, and to embrace beauty and originality. No matter the skill-level, we believe everyone has the opportunity to tap into their creative side whether it’s through music, visual arts, theater!

The studio approach in our Visual Arts program encourages students to explore and experiment across various mediums, including painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, and sculpture. Students understand the importance of thinking critically about the meaning and purpose in their art. Throughout our program, students take these connections far beyond the art studio into other disciplines.

APH’s Music Program provides a diverse and enriching music experience to empower young women to be leaders in music. Students learn to apply their creative and technical skills in both the classroom, in a variety of ensembles, and through numerous performance opportunities at the school and in the community.

The Theater program engages all levels of students through interactive and academic courses in acting, writing, directing, theater design and more! Courses are designed to excite novices who may be looking to improve their public speaking skills, young women who have a dedicated commitment to acting in the theater, and students who have an interest in exploring the dynamic world of theater through courses in design or stage management.

Parents, students, teachers, and friends were excited to be back to campus and were eager to see what was in store. In the Visual Arts Exhibition tent, student artists provided live demonstrations of painting, printmaking and sketching. Tie-dye shirts, dyed by students, hung from the tent poles for sale. Around the area were colorful, vibrant and engaging pieces from sculpture, to photography to collage, woodworking and painting. At 7 pm, the curtain rose and our students performed in front of a live audience. Singing and instruments echoed through the trees, students dazzled with their choreography, and the one-act play was met with applause, laughter and cheers. It was truly an unforgettable evening!

Visual Arts

Digital Photography
Kayla B. ’22, Chloe B. ’24, Nala C. ’22, Sydney D. ‘21, Nachelle D. ‘21, Anna G. ’23, Kaysil G. ’22, Kelly G. ‘21, Cat M. ‘21, Olivia M. ’24, Avery N. ’24, Charlotte P. ’21, Morgan P. ‘21, Grace R. ‘24, Lauren R. ’22, Emmaline W. ’23

Morgan C. ‘21, Arielle C. ‘21, Gwen H. ’24, Keira H. ’23, Anh L. ‘21, Anna M. ’23, Grace M. ’22, Alexis P. ’23, Allison R. ’21, Katie R. ’24, Ashley S. ‘21, Willa U. ‘24, Sydney W. ’22

Painting & Mixed Media
Caitlyn G. ’23, Chloe B. ’24, Caroline C. ’22, Sydney D. ‘21, Kelly G. ‘21, Caroline H. ’22, Cori I. ‘21, Bridget M. ‘22, Ellie N. ’22, Julia S. ’22, Ashley S. ‘21, Izzy C. ’23, Tess G. ‘21, Mia H. ’23, Adriana K. ‘21, Alex L. ‘21, Alexa P. ’23, Taylor S. ’24, Margo T. ‘22, Ella W. ’23

Advanced Independent Studio
Zoe H. ’21, Alex L. ’21, Caitlin R. ’21

Performing Arts

APH Improv Troupe: The TBD’s
Sarah B. ‘24, Fiona B. ’21, Skylar D. ’21, Katie H. ’23, Leia S. ’23, Willa U. ’24, Julia V. ’23, Taylor W. ’21, Raya Y. ’23

Senior Soloists
Cat M. ’21 (Piano) , Fiona B. ’21 (Dance), Skylar D. ’21 (Vocals), Cori I. ’24 (Vocals), Taylor W. ’21 (Vocals), Abby P. ’21 (Piano)

Vocal Jazz
Body and Soul (Christelle B. ’24 & Sarah B. ’24), The Swing Sisters (Courtney F. ’24, Mackenzie F. ’22 & Kayle W. ’22), The Judys (Julia V. ’23 & Sophia Z. ’22), The Betties (Skylar D. ’21 & Taylor W. ’21)

Treble Threat A Cappella
Christelle B. ’24, Sarah B. ’24, Kelly G. ’21, Jay H. ’24, MaryGrace K. ’23, Jessie M. ’22, Grace R. ’24, Margo T. ’22

APH Band
Avery B. ‘22 (Drums), Abby P. ‘21 (Piano, Clarinet, Bass)

Musical Theater Class
Christelle B. ’24, Sarah B. ’24, Courtney F. ’24, Katie H. ’23, Leia S. ’23, Julia V. ’23, Raya Y. ’23, Fiona B. ’21, Skylar D. ’21, Mackenzie F. ’22, Margo T. ’22, Kayle W. ’22, Taylor W. ’21

Ruby Slippers A Capella
Christelle B. ‘24, Sarah B. ‘24, Fiona B. ‘21, Norah C. ‘21, Skylar D. ‘21, Courney F. ‘24, Kate Ferriter ‘23, Mackenzie F. ‘22, Cor I. ’21, Kenzie L. ‘24, Grace R. ‘24, Leia S. ‘23, Julia V. ‘23, Kayle W. ‘22, Taylor W. ‘21, Raya Y. ‘23, Sophia Z. ‘22

A Simple Task
Skylar D. ‘21 – Empie
Leia S. ‘23 – Boss 1 | Guard 1
Taylor W. ‘21 – Teacher 1 | Loralee
Fiona B. ‘21 – Teacher 2 | Lover
Katie H. ‘23 – Boss 2 | Guard 2
Cori I. ‘21 – Ralph | Pearl
Julia V. ‘23 – Boss 3 | Guard 3
Raya Y. ‘23 – Connie | Boss 6
Sarah B. – Boss 4
Grace K. – Boss 5