APH Celebrates End of Semester with Good Old-Fashioned Fun!

It’s no secret. This past year has been full of challenges and change! The first semester was a time of transition–returning to Penguin Hall’s physical campus after remote learning implemented in March. But even amidst the new changes with a rotating cohort schedule, school was always in session! Students worked incredibly hard and faculty were always attentive to the needs of the students.

As the first semester came to a close, APH decided it needed a day dedicated to pure, good, old-fashioned fun! Thus, Winter Fest was created–a time of games, community, fun, and treats for the entire campus, staff and teachers included! Unlike the snowy days of late, Winter Fest, held on Friday, January 22, was bright, sun-shiny day perfect for outdoor activities!

Our “Houses” painted their own “little libraries” together! Each grade within every house got their own shelf to fill with whatever books they choose to bring!

Each student is “sorted” into a unique house at the start of the school year (yes, kind of like Harry Potter!)  Each house group includes students, faculty and staff.

Students took a stab at improv comedy taught by Mr. Crowley. Anyone else thinking we should host our very own “Who’s Line Is It Anyway?” show?

There were board games galore! From chess, to banana grams, to Monoply, it felt good to step away from the screens and the books and focus on who would be the board game champion!

A little “friendly competition” Mr. McLean and Mr. Gorton??

Students were thrilled to continue the beloved annual Book Exchange! The Book Exchange is an annual tradition at APH where students receive a name of another student and purchase them a book (very much like Secret Santa!) Staff and Faculty also participate in the fun, too!

Cozy bonfires, hot cocoa and laughter with friends were a perfect way to the end the day of festivities!