APH: A Light in Winter

Many local agencies and organizations work hard to ease a wide array of needs in our communities. Yet sadly, they often struggle to balance an abundance of help at the holidays with being largely forgotten throughout the year. This reality inspired the creation of what we hope will become a dearly held tradition for our school: APH, the Light in Winter. Last week we began the process of students determining where and how our help will best align with our mission of empowering them to create change. Each House has collectively selected an agency or group to support in some way. Now they will come up with a plan to make that happen, and a creative way to share their service project idea with our whole community at our assembly on January 29.

That afternoon will launch a two week period with each house focused on lighting the winter through their acts of service– whether that is a tangible hands-on project or a creative way to raise money, or a food/clothing/supplies drive for the agencies selected. There are already Houses feeling inspired to create long-term collaborations with the agencies that resonate with them. Stay tuned in early February to learn which agencies and organizations our students will shine light on this winter!