APH Participates in National Public Gardens Day

The Academy at Penguin Hall was invited to participate in a National Public Gardens Day event with our neighbors The Trustees. A number of girls visited Long Hill, a former family retreat that has been renowned for its gardens for almost a century. They were tasked with assisting in the removal of Garlic Mustard, an invasive species found in much of North America that was introduced as a culinary herb in the 1860s. Like most invasive plants, once introduced at a new location, it persists and spreads into undisturbed plant communities.  The Trustees hope to protect the native forest landscape by removing it before it spreads too far. 

National Public Gardens Day was “established in 2008 to drive local and national exposure to the importance of building vibrant, relevant gardens committed to community enrichment and environmental responsibility through community engagement, sustainable practices and conversation.” To read more about the amazing work being done nationwide as a result of National Public Gardens Association visit their website.

The formal gardens at Long Hill are worth seeing, visit tomorrow and shop at their annual plant sale.