APH Students Bring Classics Back to Life

Historia est vitae magistra. “History is the teacher of life.”

When the Latin classes from APH recently visited Reading Memorial High School to participate in their Classics Day celebration, they excitedly engaged in activities that harkened back to the times of the Greeks and Romans. By experiencing history in a completely new way, with interactive crafts, competitions, demonstrations, and puzzles that tested their language skills, students were able to artistically showcase what they had learned in class.

The day began in Reading Memorial High School’s cafeteria, which had been transformed into a miniature Greek and Roman festival, complete with a variety of stations which included making Roman wreaths and crowns, creating masks, drawing Roman pottery, and designing jewelry.

To immerse themselves even deeper in the Classical era, students were able to earn extra credit by dressing in Classical garb. The day included a time set apart for a costume competition, where students who had dressed up as Roman gods expounded on the life and characteristics of their chosen deity. While the day was full of learning and new experiences, the students also relished in the festive atmosphere as they jousted, using foam lances. In their participation and enjoyment of the day, the girls yet again showed us not only their creativity, but also the power of their collaboration and infectious spirit of fun.

Historia est vitae magistra. “History is the teacher of life.”

“For the girls here at The Academy, trips like this one provide an opportunity for them to take their knowledge beyond the classroom,” said Mary Richards, our Latin teacher. Working together on a Roman numeral puzzle to reveal the Latin greeting “salve”, not only reinforces knowledge, but it builds community among the students, empowering them to succeed. With Latin trivia contests, a Latin Spongebob skit, and Latin fortune telling, APH students can put the skills that they learn in their Latin class to use in an environment outside their regular classtimes. With a special day dedicated to celebrating the Classics, the girls at The Academy embraced the importance of history, while bringing it to life with their celebrations and ingenuity.

The history-filled day concluded with an event fit for a Roman emperor﹣ a chariot race. Three groups of students built their own chariots. Laughter and joy abounded from the girls all day as they engaged in this special day dedicated to recognizing and honoring the Classics. We are so thankful for partnerships with neighboring schools that allow us to provide students with best best possible programs to enhance their time here at The Academy. We look forward to continually seeing our APH students develop and work together as they succeed both in and outside of the classroom.