APH Welcomes Great Friends to campus!

Family means many things to many people. No two look the same, but when we think about family at APH, we think about those who help shape and encourage our amazing students and provide the roots that allow them the courage to soar. And while traditionally family means parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles, we know the definition of family is much broader and often includes great friends. They are simply those individuals who touch the lives of these wonderful students and are woven into the fabric of their stories.

Penguin Hall was honored to welcome the great friends of our students on Thursday, October 21 and Friday, October 22. It was an event that did more than just welcome visitors, it broadened the APH family. Great Friends’ Day allowed family members and friends to catch a glimpse into the academic world of their students.

Visitors began their day with a coffee, Chef Rich’s homemade blueberry muffins and a warm welcome by President Molly Martins. Students then joined their guests in the Great Hall and ushered them to their first class.

Visitors were treated to a front-row educational experience at Penguin Hall. They participated in discussions, experiments, group projects–witnessing the daily academic activities of their students. They saw first-hand how our interdisciplinary and inquiry-based curriculum allowed for each student to shine in the classroom and have the confidence to ask questions and be curious.

After classes and tours around our historic building, our visitors sat in on “Good Morning APH!” our student-run morning meeting. From daily announcements, to cheers of support for our athletic teams, class presentations and thoughtful reflections, visitors observed another one of APH’s foundational pillars: a close-knit community that supports and empowers one another.

What’s better than a hot, home-cooked meal? That’s exactly what was in store for our visitors when the bell signaled it was time for lunch! Savory chicken piccata with a tangy lemon sauce, roasted vegetables and a sweet chocolate mousse for dessert delighted our visitors as they ate together in our Bistro with their students. The sounds of laughter and conversation as different families and friends got to know one another was truly one of the brightest moments of the day.

As a special treat, our APH Theater Program presented the first twelve minutes of their upcoming fall musical! Students sang and performed like it was opening night and our visitors were left awe-struck at the sheer talent our acting troupe possesses! 

Over the span of two days, we invited the Great Friends of each grade level to experience the magic that is Penguin Hall. They observed our rigorous, women-centered education and joined our community by sitting in morning meeting and dining together in the Bistro. They saw how special this school is to their students. As one student’s Great Friends noted:

A big thank you to everyone involved in making this a very special day. It was wonderful to be with Caitlin and having her share her friends, teachers and school with us. She took us all over and told us great things about her friends and how much she likes her teachers. The lunch served was delicious and the atmosphere was very comfortable. We more than understand why Caitlin loves it so much.

 Thank you again for a wonderful day. It couldn’t have been any better.”

We look forward to welcoming these extended members of the APH family back to our campus soon!