A Day of French Cooking

Recently, students from the French IV and V/VI classes took a trip to the French Cultural Center in Boston. We made a full meal to enjoy with our hosts, which included the following dishes: salade chèvre chaud, poulet au pistou, tian provençal, mousse au chocolat, and madeleines. We followed recipes written in French, and we all had a lot of fun making food that we got to enjoy once we were finished. 

French IV made the desserts and our peers in French V/VI made the main dish. It was kind of hard to understand the directions, but with the help of the people at the French Cultural Center, we were able to figure it out. The mousse au chocolat was a lot of fun to make, except it did hurt our arms a little bit. 

We also made Madeleines, which are a French cookie that is very similar to a little cake. The cookies are packed with butter and sugar, and the mold used to make them is in the shape of an oblong shell. The mousse au chocolat is a sweet chocolate mousse made with melted chocolate, sugar, and egg white. The egg white gets whipped then added, so it makes the mousse extra fluffy! 

The girls in French IV also made the salade chèvre chaud and we cut the baguettes. The salad has lettuce and tomatoes in it, and has a vinaigrette dressing. We cut the tomatoes ourselves, and we did the same for the vinaigrette. The bread was topped with goat cheese. It was very good and we all ended up eating it while we were cutting it. 

The girls in French V/VI made poulet au pistou and tian provençal. The poulet au pistou is a type of chicken with a cream sauce on it and tian provençal is similar to ratatouille in a way. They did a great job making them! 

After everything was finished, we went upstairs and ate. Everything tasted amazing! We were short on time to eat, so we had to eat quickly and rush back to North Station to make the train. We ate our mousse au chocolat while walking back. We all had a ton of fun and enjoyed some very good food!

A big thank you to our students Cori I.,’21 and Morgan C.,’21 for compiling this story for us to share with our community.