Centerville School Writes Back

Students in the Voices in Literature Class went to visit a Kindergarten Class at Centerville School in Beverly. They went to see the spark of early literacy and what it means to begin a reading life and the kindergartners did not disappoint! Each of our seven girls was paired up with 2-3 kindergartners for reading.

Interestingly, the students at Centerville are at the beginning of their formal schooling while the Voices class is nearing the end of the K-12 experience.  All of the children shared their love of being in school, learning to read, and making new friends. It was hard to tell who was more taken by the morning–the five-year-olds or the eighteen-year-olds.

Although their initial visit was back in March, both classes have been keeping in touch. It felt like Christmas morning rather than a rainy Friday in May when the girls learned that there had been a special delivery- they received letters back from their Kindergarten pen pals! It was the perfect reminder as they reflect on who they were at that point in their lives in order to complete their creative piece entitled “Letter to My Five-Year-Old Self”.

Mrs. Billings at APH and Mrs. Roy at Centerville have been friends for almost 20 years and were thrilled with the opportunity to connect their students who are on both ends of the K-12 continuum. They are looking forward to making one more visit to see our reading buddies on Monday.