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Creative Coding
Prerequisite: Foundations of Computer Science or Instructor approvalIn this highly visual course, students explore advanced concepts in computer programming by creating art and real-world simulations using a JavaScript framework called p5js. Topics include generative art, object-oriented programming, data visualization, physical...
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Web Development
Prerequisite: Foundations of Computer Science or Instructor approvalThis course introduces students to modern web development. While using the latest industry tools, students will learn about the technologies that deliver web applications to users: HTML/CSS, object-oriented JavaScript, server-side programming, SQL databases,...
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Foundations of Computer Science recommended but not requiredRobotics is a project-based course that uses a hands-on approach to introduce the basic concepts of robotics, focusing on problem-solving and the programming of autonomous mobile robots. Concepts are introduced as needed to...
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Foundations of Computer Science
This hands-on course will give students a foundation in the theory and practice of computer programming and how the Internet works. The useful and modern language of JavaScript is utilized to explore concepts that are common to almost all programming...
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