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Criminal Justice
One Semester (.5 credit) May fulfill either Humanities-History or Social Science requirement (HIS, SOCSCI)Criminal Justice is a new course offered at APH that will examine American History through high profile crimes and assess the criminal justice system. We’ll also look...
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Philosophy and Literature
Prerequisite: Open to grades 10-12May fulfill either Social Science or English requirement (SOCSCI, ENG)The fields of philosophy and literature represent dual (and often dueling) examinations of the human condition. Sometimes the traditions are at odds with each other, with the...
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May fulfill Social Science or Math requirement (SOCSCI, MATH)This course is designed to explore how individuals and groups make decisions on the best use of limited resources. The students will examine economic principles and theory, including a concentration on microeconomics....
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Developmental Psychology
May fulfill either Social Science requirement or Science elective (SOCSCI, SCI)This elective introduces developmental models from different psychologists about how people develop over their lifespan. There’s a particular focus on Erikson and Piaget and their contributions to understanding development. The...
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May fulfill either Social Science or History requirement (SOCSCI, HIS)This class focuses primarily on the policies that politicians develop in response to current events and issues in their communities. Students will research different current events, how they affect their communities,...
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