Diversity of the Girl: A Student Art Exhibit

Diversity of the Girl, by Hannah V. ’20

Exhibit Overview

Diversity of the Girl is an art gallery highlighting the variety in women. As the curator, I asked myself and each artist, “Do the women you see in the media look like the women you know?” The answer was no; where are the women with curves, acne, disabilities, dyed hair, colored skin, tattoos, and body hair?

My project’s purpose is to defy the societal imagery we are presented every day. Diversity of the Girl encourages the audience to accept and admire the array of women we know on their own terms, not through portrayal by the media. 

*Please note some pieces include nudity

A Message from the Creator 

You may notice the simplicity in description and presentation of this exhibit. This is intentional. During my study period of creating Diversity of the Girl, I learned from my classmate, Juliette C., that people best engage with art when they aren’t expecting to. This inspired me to narrow the material my audience would engage with. I’ve made the choice for this exhibit to include solely the piece, as well as the title, medium, year, and artist for information. This is in hopes that the simplicity of presentation will greater enhance the viewers experience. 

Artwork by Angela M. ’20

Piece #1: Reflection, 2020

Linocut print on plastic

Piece #2: Human Trafficking, 2018

Spray paint on wood

Endicott College High School Art Show Dean’s Choice

Piece #3: Overwhelmed, 2018

Acrylic paint on canvas

Piece #4: Scream, 2018

Spray paint on wood

Piece #5: Sketchbook page, 2018

Ink on paper planning for larger drawing

Artwork by Autumn A. ’20

Piece #1: Age Time, 2018

Watercolor and crayon

Piece #2: Alien, 2019


Piece #3: Bound, 2017


Piece #4: Fool, 2018

Watercolor and crayon

Piece #5: Inside, 2017


Artwork by Hannah V. ’20

Piece #1: Violetta, 2020

Watercolor and crayon

Piece #2: Shave, 2020

Watercolor and crayon

Piece #3: Garden Lady, 2020

Watercolor, marker, and crayon

Piece #4: Coraline, 2020

Watercolor, marker, and crayon

Artwork by Meg Worrick

Piece #1: Beautiful Thing, 2017


Piece #2: Count Me In, 2015


Piece #3: Inclusion, 2014


Artwork by Alex L. ’21

Piece #1: Bella, 2019


Piece #2: Bodies, 2020

Charcoal and graphite sketch

Piece #3: Light, 2018


Bloom, 2020

Julia V. ’23

Digital painting