Kirsten Bush

Dean of Academics

How does the APH teaching philosophy look in your classroom?  

Deep learning develops from being a part of an intellectually safe learning environment that allows opportunities for students to philosophically question society and human nature. From the first day of class, we work to build an inclusive, culturally responsive space that fosters critical thinking and reflection. Stemming from the literature we read, students in my classes are encouraged to inquire into complexities of society, human nature, and themselves in order to formulate actions to improve the world around them.

What excites you about The Academy at Penguin Hall?

Having graduated from an all girls high school myself, I am excited to teach in a school that empowers women to be change agents.

Share something interesting about yourself.

I worked as a manager of the kids program for a resort company that allowed me to live in the Caribbean, Mexico, and Colorado. I not only learned archery and how to scuba dive, but I helped teach kids how to fly on a high flying trapeze. 

Kiki received a BA in English writing and Fine Arts from St. Lawrence University. She also earned a Masters in Teaching and PhD from The University of Hawaii at Manoa.