Patrick Borzi


How does the APH teaching philosophy look in your classroom?

To have a positive impact on students so that they are better prepared for what lies ahead of them after high school. I want to run into my students 10-15 years down the road and hear how they successfully applied the skills they learned in my class to several areas in their lives.

What excites you about The Academy at Penguin Hall?

Several opportunities! I am excited about being part of the dynamic administrators and faculty who are all geared towards nurturing and challenging young women.

I also enjoy tossing aside the traditional approach to mathematics in a non-traditional environment. In my classroom, I explore mathematics as I create lesson plans that include everyday problems which require critical thinking skills.

Share something interesting about yourself.

I am an avid cook who enjoys all aspects; shopping, cooking, eating, and the discussion of food. In addition to the beach or golf course, a kitchen is my happy place. I hope to someday create a cookbook that showcases my favorite recipes that I have made over the past 20+ years. What a legacy that would be for my kids!

Patrick Borzi has his A.S. in Electro-Mechanical Drafting from New Hampshire Vocational Technical as well as his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts-Lowell. He spent his first part of his career as a project manager in a manufacturing environment. During his time teaching at Salem High School, he earned his CAGS in Educational Leadership from the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts in North Adams.