From Central Africa to the North Shore

Students in Mrs. Billings’ World Humanities class had a chance to speak with Jordy Mukania who was born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Jordy visited APH for lunch on Thursday and chatted with students about what it was like to come from the DRC, attend school in the United States, and make frequent visits back home. He is the youngest of six siblings and his oldest sister, Laura, came to the US for her college education many years ago. Jordy and the rest of his family followed shortly thereafter.

Students have been researching countries in Africa through a modern lens. Each student has a different nation and first examined the United States before diving into their African country. All students have been asked to explore the geography, the economy, the people, current news stories, as well as the country’s independence. Finally, all students interviewed someone who was, in some way, connected to Africa.

Next week, students will finish up their digital magazines and have a chance to see their published products just a few weeks later. It has been an incredible journey to explore Africa so deeply.