Getting Our Girls Through Transitions

Mary DeLorenzo

“Transitions in life can offer opportunities for discovery, provided we are open to random encounters and serendipitous events.” – Robbie Shell

Research shows that if you expect your child to succeed, she is much more likely to do so. We want our children to be successful students, to feel connected to their school, to have friends, to be a part of activities and to have fun but it all has to be carefully balanced!  High School is a time when time itself is at a premium.

Within the Wellness (X Block) classes, the grade 9 and 10 students have spent the past few weeks cultivating time management skills. They each looked more closely at how they spend their time, and collectively students came up with many suggestions regarding what they can do to be more efficient and productive. When they shared their joys and challenges, it became evident that the transition into this school year has been exciting, but also overwhelming at times, and the opportunity to support each other is important.

As your daughter continues to make the transition to high school, parents can also play a significant role in offering guidance in the following ways:

Offer organizational strategies that support learning:

  • Help her develop a personal assignment book/calendar, binders, and folders.
  • Provide a good place for her to study with all necessary supplies.
  • Make sure she is eating well and getting enough rest.

Limit the time she is allowed to use her cell phone during evening study hours.

Embrace the big changes that come at this age:

  • Physical changes in appearance and attitude.
  • Increased time with friends and perhaps interest in romantic relationships.
  • Expect mixed emotions that come with academic and social pressures. Their plates are fuller now that they have more school work, are busy getting to know their sisters at APH, and trying to “do it all.”

Try to relax and have a sense of humor.  Your daughters are trying to figure out who they are and they will get there! Please let me know if you have any comments or concerns. I can be reached at and by phone 978-468-6200 X 1011.

Mary DeLorenzo

APH Psychologist