Girl Power

“The Kardashians were nowhere to be found, and no one was looking for them”

Photos from our 1st week, August 2016

Today I saw what experts and researchers have written about with regard to single-sex education — it’s different and the difference is palpable.

The girls came up the hill this morning, quiet and reserved but ready for the day–backpack-laden, hair-brushed, outfit-selected. They wanted to be here and it showed. Some knew a few other girls, some knew no one–no one knew everyone.

Mr. Crowley, our music and drama teacher, pulled us into a large circle of theater games and the rest is history.

For the next two hours, girls took risks, girls took the center stage, girls poked fun at one another and laughed. A lot. There were no boys here so the girls were only interested in making friends. Lots of friends. They were also willing to explore the idea that they were funny, or eccentric, or clever, or smart. Super smart. They allowed themselves to be vulnerable and it brought out the best in them.

Kevin continued with improv which brought out the Tina Feys and the Amy Poehlers and the Ellens. The Kardashians were nowhere to be found and no one was looking for them because we were all too busy laughing at Tina, Amy, and Ellen.

Bring it on, girls. You’re smart and sassy and silly and, at last, you are here.