In Spanish Class: Creating Autobiographies & Using The Scientific Method

Spanish students in Dr. Barozzi’s classes have been hard at work (and play) on their mid-year projects.

In Spanish 2 students wrote and illustrated their autobiographies. The emphasis was on the process involved in the creation of the finished product, which included planning, writing rough drafts for each section and editing them, sometimes several times, and finally, illustrating their autobiography with photos and drawings. 

Spanish 3 students planned an imaginary 5-day trip to a place of interest in Latin America or Spain. The project consisted of three parts: a fact sheet about their chosen country, a scrap book detailing the organization of the trip, and a day-by-day journal that described their specific activities. The final product reflected a combination of group and individual effort and culminated with a skit about one salient activity of the trip.

The Spanish 4/5 students conducted a survey on an aspect of life at APH. They loosely followed the steps of the scientific method by stating their objective, hypothesis, population and sampling method, and designing their questionnaire. Then they analyzed and presented their results in the form of a graph and/or table, and summarized them in the conclusion. The topics researched were: transportation to and from school, after school activities, birthdays, favorite spot in school, travel, use of make-up, favorite holidays, foreign languages, homework habits, and attitudes toward diversity.

All students proudly presented their projects to the class.