Campus Ministry

There’s a place for you here — no matter your beliefs.

To be truly empowered to live and lead exemplary lives, the young women at The Academy at Penguin Hall are invited to grow in inner wisdom as well as intellect. With guidance from our campus minister, students learn to navigate their unique inner landscape. We build a sense of connection as a school through shared retreats, community service experiences, and daily gatherings at our school-wide morning meeting.

Each student is required to take a full credit of a social science or religion/philosophy, which can include courses like world religions and social justice.

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Campus Minister Brigid Beckman greets a student at convocation.

In support of the mission of The Academy at Penguin Hall, we are called to create a safe, affirming, and vibrant community. Here at APH, we understand and appreciate the talents, gifts, challenges, and life circumstances of each individual, honoring the inherent dignity of all.

Through a wide array of on- and off-campus programs, service, and outreach opportunities, and shared interfaith liturgical experiences, our students, faculty, staff, and families come to know each other well. 

 For more information about Campus Ministry, please contact Ms. Brigid Beckman.