Campus Ministry

We are committed to offering our students varied opportunities for prayer, mindfulness, introspection and service. Through this process, students will aspire to higher ethical standards, integrity and dignity. Each year our students participate in retreats. With guidance from Campus Ministry, students will explore age-appropriate questions, discuss transitions and the role of women in an ever changing society. We challenge our young women to grow in faith, service, and knowledge, through a holistic, compassionate, and inclusive pursuit of life. Whether you are Catholic, practice another faith or are unsure of your spiritual beliefs, you are welcome at The Academy at Penguin Hall.

In support of the mission of The Academy at Penguin Hall, and rooted in the profoundly inclusive message of the Gospel, we are called to create a safe, affirming, and vibrant community where everyone is recognized as a unique expression of God’s love. Our commitment to educating, empowering, and enlightening young women rests on a foundation of kindness. We understand and appreciate the many talents, gifts, challenges, and life circumstances of each individual in our community, honoring the inherent dignity of all. Additionally, we recognize the prejudice, discrimination and privilege that members of our community may face due to culture, nationality, ethnicity, race, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, size, religion, age, gender, physical ability, and learning abilities, among many other factors. Our goal is to create an inclusive, diverse environment where empathy and self-awareness allow every member of our community to flourish.

Campus Ministry seeks to help The Academy students bring their faith to life, and life to faith. Whether tutoring elementary school students, participating in awareness campaigns, or feeding the hungry, we encourage our students to spread our culture of kindness to the community at large, showing compassion to all whom they encounter. The Academy at Penguin Hall students are encouraged to engage in the world around them through meaningful service. Be it within the walls of our own school, in the local community, or through international endeavors, students are urged to offer their time and talents to others, as they continue to foster a culture of kindness in the greater community.

The Religious Studies Department at The Academy at Penguin Hall seeks to bolster the mission of the school through its offering of diverse courses. Students are provided the opportunity to learn about the Catholic faith, while also examining their own faith lives, the faith lives of others, and how faith has impacted, and continues to affect, the global community at large. Through World Religions, students are able to expand their knowledge of various faiths, and draw connections among the many religious practices of our world. Social Justice brings students to a deeper understanding of the many issues present in our society, and how, as advocates for change, they can bring about new ways of thinking and understanding.

Finally, Women in Ministry aids senior students in the deepening of their own faith, as they prepare to embark on their life journeys beyond the walls of The Academy. It is our hope that through their religious studies students will be able to bring faith to life, and life to faith. The Saint Teresa of Calcutta Room is home to Campus Ministry at The Academy at Penguin Hall. Here, students and staff alike are invited to gather throughout the school day for Campus Ministry events, planning, schoolwork, and socializing. Regardless of religious identity, all are welcome in Campus Ministry. It is a safe haven for those who wish to explore faith, life, and the connection between the two.

Campus Ministry programs encourage spiritual and personal growth, through retreats, liturgical celebrations, prayer, reflection, discussion, and various other activities. Liturgy Committee: Students can be involved in the liturgical life of Penguin Hall in many ways. Students are welcome to serve as lectors, cantors, altar servers, gift bearers, or greeters. Students and staff are encouraged to take active roles in planning and executing prayer services and Eucharistic celebrations.

  • First Year/Sophomore Retreat: This one-night retreat for first-year and sophomore students focuses on the idea of Identity, asking, “Who am I?” The retreat provides students the opportunity to bond with their new classmates, explore their identity, and set the stage for their high school goals and aspirations. The retreat consists of small group time, fun community building activities, periods of reflection, and witness talks from faculty members and upperclassman. It serves as a dynamic way for the students to be introduced to the spiritual life of The Academy at Penguin Hall.
  • Junior Retreat: This one-night retreat highlights the theme of “Decision Making & Choices.” On this retreat, students investigate the many choices they are faced with in high school: socially, academically, and spiritually, through small group discussion, quiet reflection time, and prayer. Students are asked to examine what their vocational calling may be, and how their gifts may best serve the world.
  • Senior Retreat: This one-night retreats allows seniors to reflect on their relationships with God, self, and others. Students spend time listening to witness talks given by faculty members, engaging in deep discussion within their small groups, and participating in activities that allow them to grow deeper in their faith and relationships.
  • Community Retreat: This one day retreat is for all The Academy students, staff, and administrators. Through team building activities, small group sharing, and large group games, this retreat aims to bring our new community together at the start of the school year.

In addition to providing service opportunities, Campus Ministry also offers retreats, Catholic liturgies, and various other opportunities for prayer, discussion, engagement, and learning. To learn more about Campus Ministry, please contact Brigid  Beckman.