APH Student Retreats

It’s been a busy month for APH’s Campus Ministry, with the first years, sophomores, and juniors all participating in their first-ever class retreats!

On Friday, February 17th, the first years attended their retreat, which focused on the question of “Who am I?”  They spent the day engaged in a series of activities, games, and discussions, all focused on the theme of identity.  They listened to talks by upperclassman, shared with one another, and ended the day with an affirmation activity.  A great time was had by all!

On Friday, March 10th, the sophomores spent the day reflecting on “Decision Making & Choices.” They played games, listened to talks from upperclassman, and reflected on their personal journeys. The day ended with a special prayer service, in which the students symbolically burned past decisions that were weighing them down. They then used the fire to celebrate the better decisions they hope to make in the future, making s’mores!

Finally, on Monday, March 20th, the juniors dedicated a day to service. Their retreat focused on service to the APH community, the North Shore community, and community at large. They spent the morning making notes of affirmation that were distributed throughout the school building. They also made blankets for Wellspring House in Gloucester, and visited the agency to drop off the blankets and learn more about the work that Wellspring House does. The day ended with a letter writing project, and ice cream treats!

The past month was a busy, but fruitful one, with our students exploring various issues of faith and spirituality, and how it plays into their daily lives here at APH. We look forward to our senior retreat in June!