The Teachers Are Here!

Our teaching staff has arrived at The Academy at Penguin Hall and the sound of spirited discussions around how best prepare our young women for college and beyond has filled the halls.

Teachers Blog Post

It’s hard not to feel like a modern day, education inspired Paul Revere shouting the news far and wide because our teachers have started at The Academy at Penguin Hall. After we received over 600 applications from experienced educators from around the globe we are thrilled to share the news that our teaching staff has arrived on our 50-acre campus. Sounds of spirited discussions around topics like student-centered curriculum, innovative classroom design and ways to best prepare our young women for college and beyond has filled our halls.

Our approach to creating our community with our faculty is different, like so many of our strategies here at APH. At The Academy our teachers are engaged year-round. Especially this summer which is jam-packed full of curriculum development and professional development in anticipation of the start of our school year on September 6th.

Julie Calzini, Director of Curriculum and Faculty Development, couldn’t be more thrilled “I am so excited to have the team here and start the process of preparation for the new year. The excitement from teachers and staff is palatable around the building; laughter and discussions can be heard in every nook of our building.”

One teacher collaboration area known as “the hive” is truly buzzing with activity now that the teachers are setting up their office space as well as meeting for multi-day collaboration.

“I’ve never been this excited for the start of school before,” says Sherry Cook the Team Leader for the Science and Math department. “Our engaging student-centered curriculum is unlike anything else on the north shore. Our girls will experience an innovative, accessible and authentic learning experience. I can’t wait to add their enthusiasm to the mix and watch them grow.”

Everyone is so thrilled to be part of the founding teaching staff of the first all-girls independent college preparatory high school opening north of Boston. And like Paul Revere it is always good to share important news.