The Top Three Reasons to Transfer to Penguin Hall

Change is not always easy and starting something new is full of unknowns. But more often than not, change is worth it and can open the door to greater opportunities! At APH, you have the ability to blaze your own trail.  

During this time of great uncertainty for schools, parents and students need an academic institution they can rely on–one that prioritizes engaging education, health and safety, and the overall physical, mental, and emotional well-being for students. 

At The Academy at Penguin Hall, we prioritize those very things. 

1. Penguin Hall has a robust in-person academic and social experience.

We’re in a COVID-19 world, which is why when we began to prepare to open our doors again for the Fall of 2020, safety was our top priority. Making the transition to a Hybrid model allowed students to receive the in-person academic and social experience they deserve. At APH, students get to safely participate in classes, clubs, leadership opportunities, athletics, visual and performing arts in-person alongside their peers. 

2. Learning is Not Lost! 

We know that this pandemic has taken a significant toll on education. But all hope (and learning) is not lost! Penguin hall is maintaining academic excellence by our effective cohort schedule. Students are split into two cohorts and switch between on-campus learning and at-home learning every week. Each group, whether in-person or remote, has a full five-day week of instruction. As a result, students both remote and in-person receive the same rigorous curriculum. 

Our faculty care about each student and want to see them succeed in their academics. They have worked tirelessly to ensure students receive the educational environment they need–whether on-campus or remote. 

3. APH is where fun and connections thrive.

If there’s one thing that the global pandemic has taught us, it’s that we are relational beings. The friendships and love of one’s community is an essential element that allows us to thrive. Because of the pandemic, students have felt the loss of their community. At Penguin Hall, we’re reclaiming connection!

Students are able to feel connected to their community with clubs and activities, house activities and fun school events like Spirit Week or our Halloween costume contest with students participating both in-person and remotely. Everyone is included in the Fun!

We know this season has been challenging. Let us help alleviate some of those challenges by giving your student the education, community and well-being they need and deserve. Transferring to Penguin Hall is a change–but change is worth it

But don’t just take our word for it! Here from student Caroline B. on the benefits of making the switch to Penguin Hall:

Seeing is believing and we want you to experience our educational environment for yourself! We have many opportunities for you to connect with us in whatever way is comfortable for you, whether that’s in-person or from the comfort of your home. Every Tuesday and Thursday, you are invited to visit us in-person for a discussion with the leadership team and then a tour of our classes.

To arrange your accelerated application and set up an interview, give us a call at 978-468-6200 or reply to this email.