The Verdict Is In!

APH’s Mock Trial team is at it again this year, with student attorneys and witnesses gathering to compete in the Massachusetts Bar Association’s litigation competition.  This year’s case for all teams statewide is an interesting one, a civil case involving a fatal accident…or possibly murder, with an exploding truck and a stake of ten million dollars.  APH students are responsible for representing both plaintiff and defendant in the case as attorneys and witnesses.

APH came out with a win against Bishop Fenwick High School in the second of three meets on February 2nd, with the judge commenting that our APH students performed as well as any of the students he had taught at Boston University School of Law.  APH did not win an overall point-based victory in the first of the preliminary trials recently held, however, they did walk away with a winning verdict based on the legal merits of their presentation.  The third trial will see APH’s team up against St. John’s Prep.

Adult advisors to the team are APH’s President Molly Martins and instructor Bryon Williams, as well as area attorneys Lyn Acari, an APH Trustee, and Andrew Caplan.  The team itself is comprised of Caroline Roman and Kathryn Ward, class of 2018; Marietta Atkins, Saoirse Coyle, Fiona Kelley, and Lainy Turner, class of 2019; Lila Caplan, class of 2020; and Abigail Allworth, Fiona Brymer, Morgan Comito, Ava Mantenuto, Maddie Mogavero, Gracie Morrison, and Shayla Saad, class of 2021.

Regarding the APH team, Ms. Martins states, “Every day I am inspired by how confident our young women have become.  They are prepared, articulate and convincing in their arguments and positions.  I am proud to stand behind them at every meet”.  Mr. Williams also notes that this year’s team is a young one, impressive in holding their own against older students and more seasoned teams in the competition.  More importantly, though, Mr. Williams also spoke of one way in which the Mock Trial competition fits the overall mission of APH: “The courtroom, even within this competition, is a very male environment.  It is wonderful to see young women take the leadership  roles that in the competing teams are typically given to male students.”  Mock Trial gives our young women significant leadership opportunities, and they are certainly rising to the occasion.

Indeed, the verdict is in — APH’s Mock Trial team is moving forward in its second year, proving the capability of our students in a very real-world environment, empowerment in action.

Want to know more?  Contact Bryon Williams for information.