Twelve APH Students Receive Recognition for National Latin Exam 2021

The Academy at Penguin Hall announces the following honorees on the 2021 National Latin Exam:


Sarah B. ’24, Summa Cum Laude, Gold Medal

Sarah B. ’24 , Maxima Cum Laude, Silver Medal

Natalie D. ’24, Cum Laude

Gwenyth H. ’24, Cum Laude

Emma H. ’24 , Cum Laude

Chloe J. ’24, Magna Cum Laude


Alexis E. ’24, Maxima Cum Laude, Silver Medal

Sophia B. ’23, Magna Cum Laude

Keira H. ’23, Magna Cum Laude

Julia V. ’23, Magna Cum Laude


Avery B. ’22 , Maxima Cum Laude, Silver Medal

Aileen M. ’22, Cum Laude

The Academy at Penguin Hall requires one year of Latin for all first-year high school students and three consecutive years of the study of one world language for graduation. Students typically study French, Spanish, or Latin to meet their requirement. Latin provides students with the necessary foundation for the study of any world language and devotes special attention to English derivatives of Latin words and how to break English words down into prefixes, suffixes, and roots. Students then gain an understanding of the Classical roots of Western civilization and of American society and are able to better appreciate why Latin continues to persist in our culture today.

The National Latin Exam (NLE) is sponsored by the American Classical League and the National Junior Classical League. It is a 40-question, multiple-choice test with a time limit of 40 minutes. Questions cover Latin grammar, mythology, derivatives, Roman life, history, geography, oral Latin, and reading comprehension. The NLE was created over 30 years ago to promote the study of Latin and to encourage students in their study of Latin. It is administered annually through the College of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia in all fifty states and in over a dozen countries worldwide.

For more information on the APH Latin program, contact Mary F. Richards, APH Latin Instructor at and for more information on the National Latin Exam, visit