APH Student-Athletes Celebrate Women in Sports

National Girls and Women in Sports Day celebrates the incredible achievements of individuals who have helped to effect and create opportunities for women and girls in sports. On Friday, February 3, APH student-athletes Veronica S., ‘17 and Kathryn W., ‘18 participated in the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association’s annual celebration at Faneuil Hall in Boston, along with faculty members Katherine Reardon and Erin DeCosta.

Veronica and Kathryn were selected to represent The Academy not only because each has demonstrated a commitment to APH athletics over the course of our first two seasons, but also because they have displayed many qualities desirable in student-athletes:  sportsmanship, respect, hard work, and positivity. Both young women are also exemplary students who have embraced The Academy’s educational approach, displaying the same desire for learning and self-improvement in the classroom as in the playing arena.

As a member of the soccer and basketball teams, Veronica Sanchez was a part of the first-ever win for both fledgling teams and has logged a lot of minutes on the field and the court.  “Veronica has been a positive force on the team,” according to Katherine Reardon, Athletic Director at The Academy.  “She brings a wonderful combination of humor and a willingness to put herself out there- pushing herself to improve on and off the court or field.  Veronica embodies the energy and attitude any coach might hope to see in a player.”

Kathryn Ward participated in our volleyball team in the fall and swims with the club team this winter, hopping into the pool to hone her craft even on the days when practice was optional.  “Kathryn’s positive, kind spirit and her dedication to her team stands out in a building program,” said Katherine Reardon.  She has shown an ability to go with the flow when necessary, but won’t let that stop her from buckling down to do the tough work. Kathryn is the type of student-athlete who goes to the pool on a school holiday for an optional practice.”

At the MIAA celebration, the day’s theme of ‘Expanding Opportunities’ was addressed by female athletic administrators and coaches, recipients of the Massachusetts Women in Athletics Distinguished Service Awards, and keynote speaker Genevra “Gevvie” Stone.  Stone a ’03 graduate of The Windsor School, an all-girls high school in Boston shared her inspiring experiences as a two-time Olympian and a Silver Medalist Rower. The event concluded by recognizing the over 300 female student-athletes in attendance, representing over 150 schools statewide. We congratulate these young women on how they show the highest level of respect for their peers, coaches, opponents, and officials.