Month: March 2017

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Mindful Campus
The Academy’s dining service was built with sustainability in mind. In hopes of reducing food waste and conserving water a tray-less approach was implemented from the start. These stations can be found throughout the building. It encourages students to reduce the...
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Art Class Produces Powerful Earth Day Pieces
Academy art students started their climate change research by hearing Artist Zaria Forman talk about the importance of creating artwork to spread awareness and teach viewers about the encroaching devastation of climate change. Students then learned about ocean debris, carbon...
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APH Students Participate in Massachusetts Mock Trial Program
Students from The Academy at Penguin Hall skillfully countered every examination and re-direct at the 32nd Annual Statewide High School Mock Trial Program. The Mock Trial Program is a challenging and rewarding experience, which provides not only a dynamic educational environment but also...
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Student Dancer Receives Prestigous Opportunity
As Junior Ruby D’Amico reflects on the incredible opportunity she is about to experience, she quotes her ballet teacher Denise Cecere, “It’s not if you can do it, it’s how you do it”. To say Ruby has taken this quote...
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APH Student Retreats
It’s been a busy month for APH’s Campus Ministry, with the first years, sophomores, and juniors all participating in their first-ever class retreats! On Friday, February 17th, the first years attended their retreat, which focused on the question of “Who...
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